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7 Reasons Owner Operators Need a Freight Dispatcher

March 5, 2021


As an owner-operator in the trucking industry, you‘re running your own business and making decisions that affect your bottom line. One of the most important decisions you‘ll make is how to manage your freight. While some owner-operators prefer to work alone, there are many benefits to working with a freight dispatcher. Here are seven reasons why owner-operators can benefit from working with a freight dispatcher:

1. More time for driving

As an owner-operator, you have many responsibilities, from maintaining your truck to finding new customers. One of the most time-consuming tasks is managing your freight. By working with a freight dispatcher, you can offload the time-consuming tasks of finding, negotiating, and booking loads, freeing up more time for you to focus on driving and making money.

2. Access to more freight

Freight dispatchers often have access to a wider range of loads than individual owner-operators. They work with multiple shippers and brokers, giving them a broader network of contacts and a more diverse range of freight to choose from. This means that by working with a dispatcher, you have access to more freight opportunities and a better chance of finding loads that fit your preferences and needs.

3. Negotiating better rates

Freight dispatchers are experienced negotiators who can help you get better rates for your loads. They have a deep understanding of the market and can use their relationships with shippers and brokers to negotiate better prices on your behalf. This means that you can earn more money per load and increase your profitability.

4. Improved cash flow

Working with a freight dispatcher can also help you improve your cash flow. Instead of waiting for payment from individual shippers or brokers, the dispatcher will handle invoicing and payment processing on your behalf. This means that you‘ll get paid faster and more consistently, which can help you better manage your cash flow and avoid cash flow problems.

5. Reduced administrative burden

As an owner-operator, you‘re responsible for a range of administrative tasks, from record-keeping to billing and invoicing. Working with a freight dispatcher can help you reduce your administrative burden by offloading many of these tasks to the dispatcher. This means that you can focus on driving and running your business, rather than spending time on paperwork and administrative tasks.

6. Better support and resources

Freight dispatchers often provide additional support and resources to owner-operators. For example, they may offer load tracking and logistics support, as well as safety training and compliance assistance. By working with a dispatcher, you can access these additional resources and support, which can help you improve your business operations and increase your bottom line.

7. Greater flexibility and control

Working with a freight dispatcher doesn‘t mean giving up control of your business. In fact, it can provide greater flexibility and control over your operations. You can choose which loads to accept and which to reject, and you can set your own schedule and work as much or as little as you like. The dispatcher simply provides additional support and resources to help you better manage your business.

In conclusion, working with a freight dispatcher can provide significant benefits to owner-operators in the trucking industry. From more time for driving to access to more freight, negotiating better rates, improved cash flow, reduced administrative burden, better support and resources, and greater flexibility and control, there are many compelling reasons to consider working with a freight dispatcher. If you‘re an owner-operator looking to improve your operations and increase your profitability, working with a freight dispatcher is definitely worth considering.

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